Vehicle Servicing


Minor Service


  • Our minor service or “A” level service is a 22 point check and service.
  • A service includes engine oil and filter change. Check air and fuel filters. Inspect and top up fluid levels.
  • The under body service involves brake inspection and advise.


Major Service


  • Encompasses the whole 42 point check and service. It consist of “B” and “C”.
  • Both under the hood and under the body inspections are carried out and adjustments and replacements are recommended to client.
  • The under hood servicing includes engine oil and filter change. Check air and fuel filters. Inspect and top up fluid levels. Cooling system check. Battery condition checks and electronic display checks.
  • Brake systems and suspension are inspected and replaced as required.


Fleet Service


  • We can service fleets of all sizes from cars and SUVs through to light commercial trucks and equipment.
  • Our fleet service regime ensures fleets are serviced in a timely manner and quality output minimizing down time.
  • The Price Tag on fleet services are competitive
  • We endeavor to have Mechanical records up to date so service records for the vehicles in fleet are accessible to our mechanics.


Mechanical Repairs


Warrant of Fitness Checks


  • We do warrant of Fitness checks for all vehicle type and issue Safety Stickers for road worthiness.


Engine Overhauls and Rebuilds


  • Our team of mechanics have done countless number of engine overhauls and rebuilds of sedan engines and four wheel drive trucks.
  • We also do engine replacements and transfers.


Injector and Turbo Service


  • Injector faults and damaged turbo charger is a common problem diagnosed by team when dealing with diesel engine.
  • Our team has a high turnover rate on repairing these faults.


Suspension Repair


  • Vehicles are lifted up on the hoist and a full inspection of the suspension is carried out.
  • The shock absorber are inspected and removed for further testing if required.
  • All rubber bushings and arms are inspected and repaired if required


Brake Service


  • Brake service is very important at Heliam.
  • We do complete brake system test and servicing from changing pads and re-surfacing rotors to bleeding and adjustments


Air Conditioning Service


  • We provide AC re-gassing for all makes and models of vehicles and our AC technicians carry out comprehensive AC service.
  • Our technician checks cooling operation and overall performance then trouble shots for leaks, blockages and compressor performance.



Panel Shop


Spray Painting


  • With a spacious spray booth, our professional spray painters deliver a high quality paint job.
  • Conditioned Spray Booth ensure even and perfectly finished paint job
  • Paint touch up are done quickly


Panel Beating


  • Our team of Panel Beater have years of experience and show attention to deal with all panel repair jobs
  • No short cuts are taken with the panel beating process liken to a factory assembly line.


Chassis Straightening


  • We chassis straightening for vehicles involved in minor accidents.
  • Our panel beaters have successfully done multiply front end chassis restoration work


Towing Service

We have a Flatbed Tow Truck that has the capacity to carry up to 3 tons of weight. Tow service rates differ for vehicle types and distance towed. Currently our service is restricted to city limits.