Batching Plant

Premier Concrete Services Limited is a fully computerized CIFA wet concrete batching plant delivering capabilities of 120m3 per hour delivering high quality consistent MPA strength and currently delivery 60m3 per hour to customers.


Not only MPA strength certifications but including all materials used to produce the product, which includes, bore water, coarse sand and aggregates (10mm, 14mm, and 20mm). All materials are gone through Cardno (PNG) Limited for certification after every 6 months.

The batching plant and the staff are trained and certified through Cardno (PNG) Limited to do slump testing and Compression Cylinders for Crush Testing 7,14,28,56 on batch plant site.

Cardno Technician doing test on batch plant site. QAA

Cardno Lab Manager testing PCL employees do slump testing and cylinder for Certification.

Slump testing for cylinder. QAA

Premier Concrete Services Limited uses third party when it comes to reports, certificates and testing through Cardno (PNG) Limited as we work under Australian Standards.

Civil and Construction

We employ several Australian, New Zealand & British expatriate executive & technical managers. Primarily to operate, train and oversee the business. All with greater than 20 year’s full time experience in PNG or their related field.

Proven in providing bulk concrete with early high MPA strength in helping big projects move forward to achieve and complete projects on time required. Both structural and Pump mixes.

Premier Concrete Services Limited has been providing concrete for 3 years in building infrastructure and roads throughout Port Moresby. We are specialized in doing Kerb Mixing for roads constructions as we are the only batching plant in Port Moresby that provides wet Kerb Mix.

We are also certified by NCD City Authorities to do concrete roads and public car parks, PNG Power Engineers to supply concrete for Transmission Towers Foundations within the city of Port Moresby. As we have once again proven in our high early MPA concrete strength.

Other Products

Premier Concrete Services also is a supplier of Pre-cast Road Barrier system unit dimensions 2.4m x 1.0m.


Product list


NO MIX ID Description
20mm Mixes
1 1020S 10MPa 20mm Stnd
2 1520S 15MPa 20mm Stnd
3 1720S 17.5MPa 20mm Struct Stnd
4 2020S 20MPa 20mm Struct Stnd
5 2520S 25MPa 20mm Struct Stnd
6 3220S 32MPa 20mm Struct Stnd
7 3520S 35MPa 20mm Struct Stnd
8 4020S 40MPa 20mm Struct Stnd
9 4520S 45MPa 20mm Struct Stnd
10 5020S 50MPa 20mm Struct Stnd
14mm Mixes
11 1014S 10MPa 14mm Stnd
12 1514S 15MPa 14mm Stnd
13 1714S 17.5MPa 14mm Struct Stnd
14 2014S 20MPa 14mm Struct Stnd
15 2514S 25MPa 14mm Struct Stnd
16 3214S 32MPa 14mm Struct Stnd
17 3514S 35MPa 14mm Struct Stnd
18 4014S 40MPa 14mm Struct Stnd
19 4514S 45MPa 14mm Struct Stnd
20 5014S 50MPa 14mm Struct Stnd
10mm Mixes
21 1010S 10MPa 10mm Stnd
22 1510S 15MPa 10mm Stnd
23 1710S 17.5MPa 10mm Struct Stnd
24 2010S 20MPa 10mm Struct Stnd
25 2510S 25MPa 10mm Struct Stnd
26 3210S 32MPa 10mm Struct Stnd
27 3510S 35MPa 10mm Struct Stnd
28 4010S 40MPa 10mm Struct Stnd
29 4510S 45MPa 10mm Struct Stnd
30 5010S 50MPa 10mm Struct Stnd
Pump Mixes 20mm
31 3220P 32MPa 20mm Struct Pump
32 3520P 35MPa 20mm Struct Pump
33 4020P 40MPa 20mm Struct Pump
34 4520P 45MPa 20mm Struct Pump
35 5020P 50MPa 20mm Struct Pump
Pump Mixes 14mm
36 3214P 32MPa 14mm Struct Pump
37 3514P 35MPa 14mm Struct Pump
38 4014P 40MPa 14mm Struct Pump
39 4514P 45MPa 14mm Struct Pump
40 5014P 50MPa 14mm Struct Pump
Pump Mixes 10mm
41 3210P 32MPa 10mm Struct Pump
42 3510P 35MPa 10mm Struct Pump
43 4010P 40MPa 10mm Struct Pump
44 4510P 45MPa 10mm Struct Pump
45 5010P 50MPa 10mm Struct Pump